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Codemasters sports head is developed by Codemasters Software Co., Ltd The company was initiated and founded. Founded in 1986, the company has many years of experience in game development and operation. In order to broaden the game ecology, strengthen people's health after the epidemic, and bring additional income to people in need, we have developed this national sports game. This game is participated in by the people's movement, and the people make money. You can make money by walking or running. The more steps you walk, the higher your reward. In addition to monetary rewards, you can also get our exclusive running shoe rewards. In the early stage of the game, our sports items are lightweight. In the later stage, we will gradually launch more heavy-weight sports such as motorcycle cross-country and race, car race, etc.
Now we are preparing the application procedures, and our shares will be officially listed on the NASDAQ Exchange.

Low threshold

As long as you download the app, you can participate in the game

High profit

The more you exercise, the more rewards you get

Wide range of users

Codemasters has game users in major countries all over the world

What can you do

You can exercise, play games, get rewards and add value at Codemasters


You can participate in various sports.

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You can have fun games at Codemasters.

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Get rewards

Get rich rewards while playing sports and games.

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Our advantages

Combine games and sports, so that members can get rich rewards

Easy Earn

You can get the opportunity to earn just through daily light exercise, walking and running.

Exclusive equipment

We provide exclusive high-grade running shoes so that you can better participate in sports.

High reward

You can not only get rich money rewards, but also get additional equipment rewards.

Professional team

Our company's developers are senior technical developers for several decades to ensure the operation and stability of the game.

Simple operation

Codemasters game operation is very simple, easy for beginners to get started.

Strong strength

The background strength of the company is very strong, and it has a very high reputation in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Game features

Codemasters has changed the previous game operation mode that requires recharging.

Zero cost

You don't need any investment, you can get a chance to make money on our game app.

Popularized by the whole people

Everyone can get more opportunities to make money by promoting the game, promote more and make more profits.

Game ecology

We gradually launch more and more games and have more and more opportunities to make money and gain value.

Wide coverage

Codemasters is a brand-new health sports game, which has been widely valued and promoted in the post epidemic era.

Massive traffic

Our members participating in the game have a huge community, forming a huge traffic value.

Adaptation trend

Codemasters games are diversified and cross-border, and cross-border is the future development trend. We are following this trend.

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More games

More game projects launched by Codemasters can make money through games.

Motorcycle sports games

We will gradually launch games such as motorcycle cross-country motorcycle racing.

Racing Games

Codemasters has added the game project of making money by racing on the basis of many original racing games.

Ball games

Codemasters will gradually launch ball games including basketball, football and baseball.

Card game

Codemasters will also launch games suitable for different countries and different age groups, such as card games.

Company Body

The Codemasters Software Company Limited (Codemasters) was founded in 1986. It is one of the oldest game studios in the UK and was rated as the best independent game developer by development magazine in 2005. Since its establishment, the company has developed various sports, car racing and video games. It has published 150 kinds of games and has about 50 million players.
In 2022, the company developed Codemasters sport ahead game project, aiming to promote national sports and make profits at the same time. Once the company launched this game, it was popular all over the world.
Codemasters games are widely sought after in the world and have many loyal users in various countries. Our publicity has successfully landed on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, New York, and is known by people all over the world. Now we are preparing the application procedures, and our shares will be officially listed on the NASDAQ Exchange.

Codemasters Software Co.,Ltd.

Founder:Richard & David Darling
CEO:Frank Theodore Sagnier
Headquarters:Codemasters Birmingham Studio 6th Floor Tricorn House 51-53 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 8TP.
Parent:Electronic Arts
Subsidiaries:Slightly Mad Studios, Codemasters, Inc., Codemasters Development Company Limited